Friday, December 9, 2011

The Dissertation Speaks

An endless journey, a taxing quest,
Toil, sweat, tears, but no rest;

Sleepless nights, stressful days,
Hope this hard work of yours pays;

Caffeine, typing, reading, and the blues,
I know it is tough, gotta pay your dues;

How to begin, where to end,
At what degree to negotiate, the 'ethics' bend;

These are a few of your, 'not so favorite things',
And yet, to you, this struggle clings;

Sometimes a mission, sometimes a curse;
That fills your heart, and empties your purse;

Procrastination, telling yourself,'I will begin',
Believe you me, to a sin is akin;

You call it data, interviews and transcripts,
These are stories of lives, in pieces and bits;

Talking to people, scribbling and nodding,
You seem to have missed, their silent prodding;

For you,  a project, an assignment, a deadline, 
For them,  a vent, a hopeful design;

You want to do well, get an 'O',
'They' are just respondents, use and throw;

But I won't judge you, don't you worry,
Meet the deadlines, get up and hurry;

Tell yourself, this is groundbreaking work,
And in the shadows, let the monsters lurk;

Copy, paste, steal, and finally publish,
After all, it is all about, 'shine and polish';

Just when you are getting that award and degree,
Think once about that unsaid plea;

Think of the smiles, the trust, the respect,
And what in turn, 'They' expect;

Think of me, and your heart,
And of the person, 'That thou art';

And then, if you must, say goodbye,
And bury the love between you and I...........


Abhishek Chopra said...

Absolutely lovely! I was actually sad when the poem ended. :)

drhimangi said...

Thanks so much Abhishek Ji :):)I was also sad when I wrote it.....the kind of frustration you see when you realize how research is being conducted and treated. Thanks for reading and appreciating!