Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Bells are 'A-Ringing': Indiblogger and Breakthrough BELL BAJAO Event

The twitterati were 'a-twitter', the facebookers were going nuts,
All together to ring the bell, and display some guts

Together to say that women matter, to say that they care,
Together to explore what works: bitter medicine or prayer (the bollywoodian duaa versus dawaa debate)

Some said it is men, they need to take a vow,
Others said, how will they change overnight, yeh batao!

Patriarchy, socialisation, other big words were thrown around, 
The most honest opinions came from the women, connected to the ground

They said men want control, they want power,
They essentially want, to make women cower

Thus the stuck reservation bill, and the higher powers' indecision,
Men fear once women enter the scene, there will be retribution

They fear their ages old hushed-up lies will be out,
That women will run the world without any self-doubt

These women are true Sheroes, and there are millions of them in the world,
Silently waging their wars, fighting everything, that at them has been hurled

It wasn't however, a gloomy night, 
Music was in the air, the evening was gorgeous, and the colors were all bright

Young and old were enjoying the deliberations,
Clapping, cheering, while also twittering their frustrations

Eve Ensler, came alive, through Mahabanoo's evocative performance,
Goosebumps,  smiles, tears, and laughs for her absolute non-conformance

Swarathma rocked the stage and raised their melodious voice, 
Against child abuse, the shadiness of politics, and the absolute curbing of 'choice'

The crescendo however, was poised to be a real treat, 
Anoushka Shankar appeared and everyone's heart skipped a beat!

Breakthrough's efforts with Indiblogger deserve an applause,
The evening was amazing, without any pause

Hope the bells keep ringing for the BELL BAJAO campaign,
Pledge to work towards a world where women (and men) live without pain

Wish all women (and men) very happy women's days, weeks, months, and years,
Look forward to the day when the identity of a woman is because of who she is, and not because of those for whom she cares (i.e., her father, brother, son, husband etc.)


Geetalima said...

Great review. I still haven't been able to get my post on the event together. Itwas truly an awesome evening

drhimangi said...

Thanks so much Geetalima!I agree! It was a fabulous evening!! Thank you so much for reading. Will be waiting to read your post as well.

Akanksha Dureja said...

That sums up the evening quite well. It was a wonderful experience to be a part of the event.

Manjulika pramod said...

That was nice.. It brought back great memories of the evening..

drhimangi said...

Thanks so much Akanksha! It was such a good event. Hope to see you at the next blogger meet soon :):)

drhimangi said...

Hey Manjulika, thanks so much for reading!! :) It was a fun event!