Sunday, January 11, 2009


The past few days have been hectic. Work, more work, and some more work. There has been no time to be happy, to be sad, or simply be myself. And then, yesterday I went for a walk at night and while I was walking with the music plugged in, it hit me. It came out of nowhere and went in like a warmth that you feel when you have a hot mug of drinking chocolate in the insane winter. This amazing feeling of being thankful to whoever the higher power is for giving me the opportunity to to crib, to feel irritated that I have so much work, to be able to make a choice about everything and then feel let down for the lack of options. I realized that life had indeed smiled on me by giving me a warm home, wonderful parents, a sibling I could fight with, a dog, an education, food, people who love me, people who hate me, interests, work, the list is endless. Gratitude for what you have and what you don't have (and would rather not have), is something I am learning now. Not a very big fan of motiovational reading material, I have always laughed at people who swear by the "Secret", and don't really believe that thinking is more powerful than doing. But being thankful or just feeling gratitude leaves you with a glow inside, and if you take a look around, and think about your blessings, you are often left with a feeling of being awfully lucky. I am. 

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