Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Good News from Ahmednagar!

Good news is usually understood as news of a particular kind; that of adding another unit of humanity to the earth, however, the news from Ahmednagar this week is different. 

A battle of sorts has been won...not the war maybe, but a battle definitely, and the triumphant foot soldiers are none other than the dedicated team members of Snehalaya, along with their two shining stars.

One is called Madhuri and she is no less than the diva we all know and love. Being raised at Snehalaya, without her parents, and fighting the deadly infection we all know has no cure, she has secured 62% marks in her class 12th examination and wants to be a nurse someday. 
The other, Parshuram, a member of the Snehalaya family since he was a baby, has secured 47% marks in his class 12th examination and wants to be an officer in the Indian Army. :)

Congratulations to both Madhuri and Parshuram and hats off to their resilience and hard work! May all their dreams come true!

Congratulations also to the entire team at Snehalaya and we hope that their movement for change will only gain more momentum in the times to come. 
For the whole story, please visit, http://blog.snehalaya.org/2012/05/success-of-snehalaya-students-in-12th.html

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